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At ATX World Travel, our mission is to design vacations that give you MORE. More destination immersion. More meaningful cultural exchanges. More joyful memories to file away for a rainy day.

And above all, more confidence as you travel. Let us eliminate the guesswork, the decision fatigue, and the overwhelm that comes with navigating a new corner of the world all on your own. Through our thorough research + industry connections, we know how to make it all seamless for you.

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Hi, I'm Shannon Jones

My Story

I’ve always been a curious traveler. When I’d stroll the streets of a new destination, I’d look up at the buildings and wonder: What’s going on inside? Who lives there? What does their daily routine look like? What do they eat, how do they sleep, what do they dream of?

That curiosity about not just a destination’s sights but its people have led to incredible experiences—like dancing the night away at a neighborhood BBQ in southern Belize, learning about wedding traditions from our hostess in Morocco, and swapping stories about the universality of raising teenagers with our local guide in Budapest while lingering over lunch at her favorite riverside restaurant.

I discovered that there’s a deep hunger out there for more experiences like these, experiences that act as a window into what life is really like when it’s lived halfway around the world.

It’s All About the Connections

That’s what I bring you through ATX World Travel. Today, I combine my insatiable curiosity with my analytical side (I love a good spreadsheet) to craft seamless itineraries that center on connection. My global relationships allow me to match you with passionate locals who’ll lead you on authentic excursions that deepen your understanding of a place.

ATX World Travelers are more after a great experience than a great deal—though with our connections, my team and I know how to maximize value for you every step of the way.


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My Fun Facts


My husband and I drag our kids with us everywhere because we believe experiencing different cultures makes everyone a better, more compassionate human. 


My favorite travel memories (so far) are ziplining with my family through the rainforest in Costa Rica, and swapping family stories over tea with a Berber mother in Morocco.


I love a good tea party and have had high tea in London, Honolulu, Victoria, Vienna, Morocco, Istanbul, Rome, Mexico City, and many locations across the U.S.


I have severe destination paralysis when planning my own travels because my travel bucket list includes just about everywhere. 


I love browsing local grocers to get a sense of how the locals really eat. Plus you can buy local specialties like coffee and tea for so much less than in the tourist markets.


Every new place I travel becomes my new favorite destination!

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Why ATX World Travel? Through our collaborative approach and laser-focus on the details, we’re able to anticipate your needs and articulate your deepest travel desires—then bring it all to life for you. 

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